About Porch

Located on Daybreak’s SoDa Row (located the southwest corner of Kestrel Rise Road in South Jordan), Porch Restaurant contributes a fresh and unique twist on comfort food in an upscale modern atmosphere. The trendy modern Daybreak development is the perfect location for an incredible patio, Southern-style hospitality, and community camaraderie.

What does one associate when he or she thinks of a porch? Perhaps a laid-back summer evening (quite possibly with a mint julep or sweet iced tea in hand) in the company of friends and comfort food comes to mind…with the high ceilings and open kitchen, the design of Porch allows for something completely unique not only to the south valley but also to the greater Salt Lake area.

Porch owner and chef Jen Gilroy, of the locally renowned Meditrina Small Plates and Wine Bar, brings her culinary flair with a big helping of the American South to the table at Porch.